Information and Advice

Who are Uplifting Walks?
We are a small friendly welcoming walking group that organises a variety of walks across the beautiful and varied landscapes of North-East Scotland.
We offer both short walks of up to 5 miles as well longer walks of up to 10 to 12 miles. Most of our walks provide the opportunity to visit local tearooms, cafes, restaurants or a pub at the end of each walk.

How do I join the Uplifting Walks or come on a walk?
Everyone is welcome on our walks but you must sign-up for each walk so we know you are coming and can inform you of any changes to the walk. You are welcome to become a member after a few walks so to keep up with the groups activities.

What should I bring?
A list of what you need is here

Can I bring a dog or children on a  walk?
There is no objection to take dogs or children, as long as they are well behaved. You should check with the person leading the walk first though.

What happens on a walk?
The leader and area rep will identify her or himself to the group (their name is also published on the Walks page). They will then describe the days route and allow up to 15 minutes for latecomers to arrive and for people to get organised. The walk will then began. There will be times to stop for breaks and a lunch stop. Usually, at the end of the walk there will be the chance for a food and social.

How can I find the meeting point?
The walks will have approximate addresses and postcodes you can use with google maps and/or a satnav, however due to the nature of postcodes and the countryside these may not be accurate.

We often wait about 10-15 minutes after the start time to wait for anyone who might be delayed. The walk leader usually carries the group mobile phone  if you wish to call ahead, the number can be found on the walk description. Please be aware however that mobile reception may not always be reliable.

Can I get a lift to the start of the walk?
We aim to have walks that are easily accessible by public transport, although on a rare occasion car-sharing may be necessary.  Details of this will be posted on the walk description.

How fast does the group walk?
Our normal walks are usually fewer than 8 miles so are suitable for anyone of average fitness. The walk leader keep an eye on everyone and will walk at the pace of the slowest walker. We will not leave anyone behind!

Do you do longer walks?
If you are interested in longer walks then there is the possibility to organise this. Contact the Walk Leader for more information