We recognise that walking is one of the healthiest and safest of Outdoor Activities.

However, neither Uplifting Walks, nor the Walk Leader/Rep of the walk has control of the environment of the walks, the weather, any animals or indeed of any of the walkers themselves, and whilst taking normal precautions, providing reasonable help and assistance as necessary, they cannot accept responsibility for any circumstances affecting the Health or Safety of the Walkers in the party.

If a participant is not present at the start time of the walk, the leader will contact them once after 5 minutes on the contact number provided at registration. If there is no response within a further 5-8 minutes and/or the participant is going to be more than a further 15 minutes later (making them overall 25 minutes late) the walk will start without them. The participant is free to try to catch up the group, if possible but at their own risk.

Participants are responsible for their own Health and Safety and the safe keeping of their equipment, clothing and belongings.

Participants on Walks should follow the advice/instructions of the Walk Leader in order to minimise any risk to themselves and should also ensure that they do not endanger any others in the party.

Participants who wish occasionally to bring children or their dog on a walk should ask for advice from the Walk Leader and do so at their own risk.

Photographs that are taken may be published on our website and/or used on Social Media sites. If you are uncomfortable with this, please ensure you contact us.