Walk Registration

To register for a walk please fill in the form below. You can also register up to four extra participates. If you wish to register a larger group or to request more information please contact us using this form.

We aim to reply to you within 24hrs to confirm your place(s) or answer your query.

Important Notes:

  1. Medical Information:  We ask that you inform us of any medical conditions which you currently have. By doing this we are able to offer you some additional support while also allowing us to aid you in a medical emergency. Any information you share will be held securely and is only accessible by Sabrina Maguire, our Administrator and Walk Leader -who keeps all information in confidence.  Feel free to contact us, if you wish to speak to her in regards to this.
  2. Car Sharing: If you are able to offer any extra seats to those travelling via public transport, please let us know below.
  3. Disclaimer: By submitting this form you (and any additional participates) are agreeing to our disclaimer, if you have any queries please contact us.

Upon confirmation, you will receive your copy of the Walkers Information Sheet which will provide you with further information about the walk, useful tips and advice